Patient Testimonials

Dr Yap did an amazing job with my menopause symptoms. I am so thankful to her and the team at BioFunctional Med. I have been to several doctors in the past and they did not listen to my issues like Dr Yap and her team did. I started hormone replacement therapy and I feel 20 years younger and have 3x the energy.

I drive from Wilmington to see Dr Yap in her Wilson office. The long drive is well worth it. After she looked at my labs and medications, she immediately saw that I was on too much estrogen and needed some testosterone and progesterone. I got it all in balance and I have never felt so amazing. I feel like a human being again. I will fly to California to see her if she moves. I went to my OB but he just kept upping my estrogen which wasn’t helping. I am so thankful that you could take me on as a patient. I know that I ask a lot of questions and I take up a lot of your time but you have always made me feel like I am the only patient you have. Thanks for being so wonderful. I have taken a handful of your cards to give to my girlfriends. thank you.

My previous ED clinic felt a lot like I was buying a used car. They pressured me into packages and then disappeared in the night. I was left with no alternatives. I am so happy that a friend recommended your office to me. Your staff are friendly and professional. I never felt any pressure. the doctor made me feel completely at ease. I decided to add testosterone pellet therapy to my regimen. I have never felt so young. I feel like I am in my 02’s or 30’s again. It’s amazing to have this kind of energy again for a 60 year old guy. I can workout again and I feel like I can workout 2 times per day. It’s amazing what lifting weights can do to boost your sex life again. I owe it all to you. I plan on sending you all my friends and family. Thanks for all the education and taking the time to answer all my questions. keep up the good work.

After I turned 40, I really felt like I was past my prime. I came home from work and became a serious couch potato. I didn’t play with my kids or my wife really. Our sex life went into the tubes. If we did it once a month I am pretty sure we were lucky. I gained a bunch of weight. I didn’t think that I had a testosterone problem because my doctor said that my levels were normal. I went to see you guys because I was having a hard time keeping my erections going and I had no libidio as well. I did not realize how my low T levels were ruining my life. I am so happy that we made the decision to replenish my T levels. I have been working out a lot more. I have lost weight. I dont even watch the new anymore because we are out and about almost everyday. I am getting it a lot more now as well which is really powerful glue for a relationship. keep up the good work. You guys are the real deal.